AKE infrastructure private ltd is the leading fabricated machine bases manufacturers in India and is ahead of the industry in the metal fabrication sector. We have our headquarters in Bangalore city. We have a production area of 85000 square feet and our production capacity is 25000 tons per annum. Our skilled team comes up with innovative designs and delivers best-in-class fabricated components and machinery.

Two divisions:

We consider metal fabrication as the backbone of the company. We manufacture machine bases, chassis and assemblies, building parts, machine beds, and heavy equipment. We take up projects of varying scale and support both small companies and industry behemoths. We offer regular products and customized machinery that is tensile, wear resistant, and made of stainless steel and other alloys based on the requirements and specifications.

  1. The light fabrication division:

This division handles projects with a quick turnaround. The end products include machine bases, angles, brackets, cans, panels, and plates. We offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

  1. Special fabrication division:

Here we take up the design and production of heavy structural projects. We work with original and special equipment manufacturers in the field of construction, power generation, power transmission, mining, and material handling.


We come up with noble methods to increase productivity and minimize supply-chain risks. We help start-ups in the field by providing the optimum launch time and advanced marketing schedules. As our products and services are of the best quality in the industry, we assure that long terms risks could be mitigated.

Happy Clients:

We invest high in research and development for fabrication work, as technical advances here play a crucial role. We have already adopted automation, IoT and 3D printing already for the metal fabrication process. We take care of complete engineering and fabrication need of the client right from designing, cutting to stamping, forming, welding and finishing. We are the undisputed leaders and the best fabricated machine bases manufacturers in India.  Our clientele includes BEML Ltd, Written group, Writz manufacturing India private ltd, Ajax Fiori, WEG Industries.