The vast range of metal is initiated on this earth given by nature. The study of metal is known as metallurgy. In metallurgy, there are two types of metal named Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal. Basically, Non-ferrous metal are alloys which don’t contain iron. Aluminum, copper, and zinc are Non-ferrous metals. Compared to ferrous metal industries such as mechanical, aerospace and automobile prefer non-ferrous metal. Non-ferrous metals are more costly as compared to ferrous but, their properties such as higher conductivity, low weight, and non-magnetic property make them unique and more useful than the ferrous alternative.

India is a country where many different types of metals are discovered and used on a daily basis. Every day we knowingly or unknowingly use many non-ferrous metal products in our domestic needs. These metals are also used in the iron and steel industries, and are sometimes also used to make ferrous alloys out of non-ferrous metal. Gold, silver, and platinum are also types of non-ferrous metal which are also known as precious metals. Thus, we can say every day we use many non-ferrous metals around us. Gold is considered to be the most commonly used in India, being a great attraction to most Indian women.

 Why AKE Infrastructure?

There are many fabrication companies in the market that use a non-ferrous metal to make the best products. These products can be used in the mechanical, automobile, and many other industries. Their usage is more where lightweight materials are needed with no magnetic property and high conductivity. AKE infrastructure is one of the non-ferrous fabricators in India. They have a niche in fabrication. AKE infrastructure provides post-delivery services such as, the equipment they manufactured is assembled and the sub-assembly is handled by them. They provide tensile steel products with resistant steel. Apart from that, AEK Infrastructure also provides the customized product from the stainless steel.

All in all, many fabricators are available in the market but AKE Infrastructure stands out as one of the best non-ferrous fabricators in India with very reliable and more than satisfactory service in delivering customized products in stainless steel. In addition, their quality standard is high and AKE infrastructure has had great response from clients from quality engineering, technical competence, mechanical industry and so on. So, fornon-ferrous fabrication, AEK Infrastructure is one of your best bets.