Stainless steel is an alloy made up of chromium, carbon, silicon, and manganese. It is the most extensively used metal alloy and is used in almost every day to day needs. It finds applications in domestic as well as industrial fields. They are as follows:

  • Domestic
  • Oil and gas
  • Medical
  • Food and drinks
  • Water
  • General
  • Transport
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Architectural
  • Civil engineering

Stainless steel can be deep drawn, hot forged, cold forged, folded, roll formed and spun. It has immense corrosion resistance and heat resistance properties. Stainless steel fabricators in India are in high demand as there is a high consumption of this alloy. It plays an important role in all industries that make up for the economic growth of the nation. From household items such as door knobs to machinery in very large industries, there is a need for this alloy.

Manufacturing of stainless steel is an important and responsible task. Its composition should be right in order to have good products. Hence, assigning this work to the professionals in the business is the right thing to do. AKE Infrastructure Private Limited is a company engaged in the business of fabrication of metal. Their fabrication division has the best stainless steel fabricators in India. The fabrication division is of two types:

  1. Light Fabrication division – which focuses on projects with quick turnaround
  2. Special Fabrication division – which tends to heavy structural projects with complex specification’s

They adopt the latest technology and best practices. The raw materials used also are of top-notch quality. For any need of stainless steel fabrication, you can approach AKE Infrastructure Private Limited. You will find here the value for the price. There will not be any compromise with the quality of the products delivered and also time. The products may be ranging in complexity, volume, single and multi-components. The company takes care of the client’s end-to-end needs. If you are looking to increase production capacity, reduce launch-to-market schedule or minimize supply-chain risks, then this is the place to go.