Stator frame is a supportive structure for a stator, that is, the stationary part of a motor or generator. It keeps the stator firmly in place while other parts of the machine rotate. Electric generators, electric motors, sirens, mud motors or biological rotors possess stator frames as important components of their structures. Stator frame is also used to hold brackets within these power generation and transmission equipment.

Stator frames should be manufactured to be very accurate in measurement, and strong enough to hold even against rigorous motion in a machine. Usually made of cast aluminium, cast iron or fabricated steel plates, this is a very important component as its failure can render the entire motor non-functional. The generators and motors using stator frames are usually used for large-scale, important tasks such as power transmission for cities, etc. When in use for important tasks a defect or failure of stator frames can result in a fatal loss. Overhead power conductors, power capacitors, converters, and power generation boilers use stators and hence, need stator frames, too. All these machines are highly expensive and are extremely important for large-scale industries, factories and power generation facilities. Even a small defect within a component can completely ruin the whole system.

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