A silo is a storage structure used in the field of agriculture to store bulk materials like grains and/or fermented feed. Coal, cement, carbon black, wood chips, food products, and sawdust are also stored in massive quantities in silos. A large number of different kinds of storage silos are used worldwide, some of which are:

  1. Cement storage silos – cement or other construction-related powders can be stored.
  2. Tower storage silos – used for storing grain, cement, and wood chips.
  3. Bunker silos – usually used for very large operations.
  4. Bag silos – made of plastic and mostly used in farming.
  5. Bins silos – usually short and used to store grains.
  6. Sand and salt silos – used for winter road maintenance to store sand and salt
  7. Fabric silos – made of fabric and used to store granular or particulate combustible materials.

The storage silo structures are important in various fields where huge quantities of material must be acquired and stored over a certain period, such as construction and agriculture, among others. Therefore, they have to be constructed perfectly without a single crack or room for damage to get through. Since these are very large structures, casualties such as a collapse or a crack can result in great economic loss. If these large silos collapse while people are working inside, there can be a loss of lives too. Hence, the construction responsibility of these structures should be entrusted only to the best professionals in the business.

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